Usage, Attitude and Behavior

This type of study helps you understand the marketplace; who is buying what, from where and how often, attitudes towards you and your competitors, motivation to use different products, consumer needs& barriers etc.  Critically, it can help you identify currently unmet needs.  It can also assist with marketing communications development since it provides you cruical insights.

 Brand Image and Corporate Image Studies

Brand Image includes the totality of consumers’ opinions about, experiences with, and attitudes toward a company or organization and their brand as compared with that of competitors. This type of market research often measures a company’s brand image by asking consumers, decision-makers, or key markets to rate the company and its competitors on factors they consider important. Market positioning module can also be added to these studies in order to have a better understanding of the competition.

 Ad Pre-Tests and Post-Tests

TestsAdvertising researches are designed to improve advertising effectiveness. The goal of pre test is to save money by optimizing both the message and calls to action before spending advertising dollars.Post-testing, on the other hand provide either periodic or continuous in-market research monitoring a brand’s performance, including brand awareness, brand preference, product usage and attitudes.

 Concept Tests

TestsConcept testing (or market testing) is the process of using quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate consumer response to a product / claim ideas in advance to the introduction of a product to the market. This type of research enables you to have better decision making on your marketing communication activities and reach more accurate audience. It can also be used to generate communication designed to alter consumer attitudes toward existing products.

 Pack, Name, Logo and New Product Tests

Product testing, also called consumer testing or comparative testing, is a process of measuring the features or performance of similar products.After this study you will be able to understand what products will work for consumers and which products are the best value.Product testing is a strategy to increase consumer protection by controlling the claims made during  marketing strategies such as advertising.

 Segmentation Studies

Customer segmentation is a marketing strategy which involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers, that have, or are perceived to have, common needs, interests, and priorities, and then designing and implementing strategies to target them. Businesses may develop product differentiation strategies, or an undifferentiated approach, involving specific products or product lines depending on the specific demand and attributes of the target segment.Behavioral segmentation divides consumers into groups according to their knowledge of, attitude towards, usage rate, response. We believe that behavior variables are the best starting point for building market segments Lifestyle segmentation, is measured by studying the activities, interests, and habits of customers. It considers how people spend their free time, and which external impacts they are most responsive to and influenced by.Occasional customer segmentation merges customer-level and occasion-level segmentation models and provides an understanding of the individual customers’ needs, behavior and value under different occasions of usage and time. Unlike traditional segmentation models, this approach assigns more than one segment to each unique customer, depending on the current circumstances they are under.

 Loyalty / Satisfaction studies

Customer satisfaction is a term frequently used in marketing. It is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. Customer satisfaction research is that area of marketing research which focuses on customers’ perceptions with their shopping or purchase experience. Many firms are interested in understanding what their customers thought about their shopping or purchase experience, because finding new customers is generally more costly and difficult than servicing existing or repeat customers. Moreover, for many companies it is one of the main Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which should be measured continuously. Employee satisfaction surveys are tools used by organizational leadership to gain feedback on and measure employee loyalty and performance. Usually answered anonymously, that enables employees to impress their thoughts and feeling towards their manager, organizational structure or even company management.

 Trend Researches

Trend studies are mostly conducted to understand how social and cultural shifts impact people’s everyday lives and how these changes impact engagement with products and services.

 Motivation and Barriers Research

The purpose of motivation & barrier study is to identify behavioral determinants, so that more effective behavior change, communication messages, marketing strategies, and supporting activities can be developed.